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An unobtrusive intranet ASP.NET MVC application for logically tagging, organizing and searching network files in one centralized location with a fast and simple interface.

Forganizer has the ability to scan multiple folders across a network and store references to them. Those references can then be tagged and searched with the simple interface of Forganizer. Forganizer does not care about the folders or locations of these files, only the extensions and tags - I figure if you know the file name you want, you can just search for it.

note I want to say right up front, this is for a Windows network, and will work best with... err... IE7+, because it works best with your file explorer - some features like folder opening and downloads may not work with other browsers.

so what is this useful for?
I personally built it for use within a network where a lot of people share music and movies, but since they are on multiple share drives, it is difficult to browse. Say I want to look for a funny zombie movie, but I don't know the name of one, or am just curious which ones are out there. As long as they are tagged, I can simply go into Forganizer and click on the 'Video' category (which I made) which pulls all files with extensions .avi, .mpg, etc. - now I have a list of movies. Next I click on the tags 'Zombie' and 'Comedy' from the tag cloud - now I am only looking at the Zombie Comedy Video files, I can either download them directly from Forganizer, or click the folder and open the folder they are in, it's very fast and simple.

what technologies are used in this project?
This is built using ASP.NET MVC and a Linq-to-SQL backend that is custom implemented (no .dbml file) with a SQL Server backend. Unit testing, mocking and inversion of control are also employed.

This project uses many open source projects:

contact: stan [at] naspinski [dot] net

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